Horizon Services is proud to support the 2013 Preston’s March 5K. The Horizon Helps team will be on site for the event and have donated specially designed shirts for all volunteers.

At the core of this special event is a 13 year old boy named Preston who has Mitochondrial Disease. Preston suffers from lower-than-normal muscle tone and development delays which cause him to tire easily and have issues with balance which make it difficult for him to keep up with other children. Despite all of this, Preston has a love for biking and outdoor activities and has enjoyed the efforts of his family and friends who in 2011 were able to raise enough money to purchase Preston an adaptive recreation bike.

As a result of these efforts Preston’s family felt the need to “pay it forward” and Preston’s March for Energy was created with a focus of helping children with special needs receive the recreational equipment that would help them lead normal childhoods.

The primary mission for Preston’s March for Energy is to raise money and awareness about special needs and the importance of physical exercise equipment. All proceeds from Preston’s March 5K including, registration, private donations, and corporate sponsorship go directly to help provide adaptive bikes to children witch such special needs. Because bikes of this nature can cost $1,400 to $2,500 every donation is very important to the cause.

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